Home, American Style

Want to infuse a little Americana into your home, without looking like Uncle Sam lives there? From classic American color schemes to modern touches that reflect the beauty of our country, check out these simple ideas to try in your home:

Stars & Stripes Forever

Nothing’s quite as classic as stripes – a pattern that’s versatile enough for walls, floors, pillows, curtains, furniture, bedspreads and anywhere really. Just be careful to not let stripes take over your room – try adding a counterpoint like an organic pattern as a complement. For some extra punch and a truly Americana look, throw some stars into your décor – for a traditional, but slightly dreamy look.

Southwest Inspiration

Embrace a Southwestern style for your home, with warm earth tones, woven fabrics and plenty of texture. A typical Southwest color palette might include neutral shades, along with cactus green and adobe red. For a more modern take bring in pops of bright colors like sunny yellows and oranges or turquoise and pink. As for furnishings, think warm leather, wood and suede, accented with hand-crafted, textural items.

The Rustic Life

You don’t have to live in a farmhouse or log cabin to add a bit of rustic chic to your home. Today’s rustic styles harken back to a simpler time, full of charm and character – balanced with some modern, eclectic touches. Include weathered finishes, slipcovered furniture and vintage finds, mixed with a few contemporary or unexpected touches like a funky chandelier or shag rug.


Coastal, Casual & Nautical

What could be more relaxed than a coastal style? Whether it’s a traditional Cape Cod look or something more earthy and natural – it’s all pure Americana. Bring a bit of the beach to your home, with accents like a jute rug, a blue and white or neutral color palette, weathered woods and nature-inspired items like plants, coral, shells and seaglass.