Top Tips to Sell Your Home

Planning to sell your home this summer? Getting the inside of your home ready to sell and ensuring it looks its best can be one of the most difficult parts of putting a house on the market. Essentially, any improvements you make should either increase the home’s value or help it sell faster – or better yet, both. The most important areas of a home, kitchens and bathrooms can help or hurt your sale. But beyond major renovations, you may want to tackle a few minor updates like new flooring and paint, along with simple steps to get your home ready to sell.

Floor Potential Buyers
Especially in an empty house, ugly flooring can stick out like a sore thumb. Dirty, smelly carpet, or old linoleum with that 70s vibe can put off buyers. New updated flooring can make a difference in your sales price, with hardwood flooring and/or neutral yet stylish carpet being preferred by many home buyers. Like other elements in your home, the flooring should enhance not detract from your home’s style and beauty. And it should be neutral enough to suit the next homeowner’s tastes, rather than unusual and personalized.

Freshen Up with Paint
These same rules of thumb for your floor also apply to the walls. Dirty walls in outdated or highly personalized paint colors can turn off buyers. A fresh coat of paint in neutral colors can brighten your home, giving it a new clean look – without much financial investment.

Clean Up & Clean Out
Once you’ve made minor updates, it’s essential to clean up and clean out. A good scrubbing from top to bottom, ceiling fans to windows to baseboards, can make your home shine. To help buyers envision themselves in your home, declutter and edit your personal items. You may want to rent a storage unit for unnecessary knickknacks, photos and furniture. Also, organize closets and drawers so buyers won’t think your home lacks storage.

Pass the Sniff Test
Be sure to eliminate any bad odors. New flooring and paint can go a long way to helping your home pass the sniff test. For an inviting smell, put out fresh flowers and scented candles and use air neutralizing sprays.

Once you’ve checked all these items off your list, you’re headed in the right direction to sell your home for top dollar. Whether you’re selling your existing home or buying a new one, Myers Flooring can make your flooring selections simple. We’ll help you choose the perfect floor that any home buyer will love or that will be a highlight of your new home for years to come.