Bringing Your Vacation Home

Wish your vacation would never end? Bringing some style to your home that reflects your favorite getaway will keep that happy vacation vibe going. Whether your inspiration is a bungalow by the beach or a stunning city-scape, you can have a total home transformation or just add a few items to your home inspired by or brought back from your vacation. Check out these simple ways to bring your vacation home with you.



What colors do you see when you reflect on your ideal vacation spot? Turquoise blues of the Caribbean waters, vibrant colors of Latin America, steely grays of New York City, or soft pastels of the English countryside. It’s easy to weave some of these inspirational hues into the décor of your home – whether it’s a color on your walls or more subtle pops in your lamps, rugs and accessories.



Introduce the textures of a special place into your home, with pillows, rugs, linens and other textiles. If you’re dreaming of that perfect beach escape, try a seagrass rug to bring a sandy, textural touch to your space. (Added bonus: because seagrass is a fiber grown in water, it’s not only strong, but also resistant to most spills and stains.) For more of an old-world traditional style, consider a hand-knotted wool rug in rich colors and classic designs.



Artwork for your walls is always the perfect souvenir and everyday reminder of a fabulous trip. Something as simple as a series of framed postcards can instantly transport you. Or a work of art by a local artist can also bring the unique flair for a special place to your home. Handmade textiles and woven baskets can bring tasteful textural style to your walls as well.



From modern and urbane to classic and country, a few unique accessories can reflect the appeal of nearby or far-flung locations. Small souvenirs, vases, candles and other decorative items alone or in groupings provide special reminders of favorite places. Maybe it’s a driftwood bowl or faux coral – or an African mask or sculptural art piece. Whatever speaks to you and the feel you’re trying to create will make your home feel more like a retreat – even when you’re not on vacation.