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A Deeper Shade of Design

Feeling blue? Seeing red? Green with envy? Colors can evoke a wide range of emotions. And fortunately, it’s one of the easiest ways to change the mood of your home. How you use color in the design of a room can set the tone for the space – from serene and laid-back to energetic and dramatic. It can make a small space seem larger and a grand room more intimate. It can be an expression of your own personal style or a reflection of your home’s style. For example, we typically think of earthy greens and browns in a Craftsman style home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with lighter, brighter versions of those colors. Thankfully, it’s easy to step outside your color comfort zone, changing out colors used on your walls, accessories and even furniture and flooring.

Not sure which colors are right for you? Explore color on a deeper level – click to see what’s behind each of these shades and how best to use them in your home:


Rug: Karastan, Pacifica


Wood Flooring: Mohawk


Rug: Karastan, After 5 Shag


Carpet: Shaw, Color of the Year-Lush