About Us

yarn218wDye Systems, Inc. is a growing, mid-sized company dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers.  Our business is flexible as we maintain the ability to provide dye and chemical materials to our customers without limits on order volume and color inventory.  Dye Systems production methods are innovative and our sound financial position enables us to purchase large quantities of raw materials.  As a result, our customers receive the lowest possible price for the highest quality dye and chemical products.

Dye Systems, Inc. is located in northwest Georgia where we operate a 20,000 square-foot warehouse and production facility to supply virtually every dye or chemical our customers need.  Dye Systems Inc. began operations in June of 1987 with the goal of becoming the most competent and complete chemical and dyestuff company in the industry.

Our team of founders and technicians collectively have over 100 years of experience in the textile dyeing/finishing and manufacturing industry.  All our techs are AATCC certified, and we follow the AATCC test methods for quality control.  Dye Systems has 14 employees at our corporate headquarters and several agents worldwide who represent our products.

At Dye Systems, Inc. we do business using the most ecologically safe yet effective products available.  Additionally, we communicate product ecological issues to our customers minimizing the environmental impact of our industry.  Dye Systems is committed to the further development of green products and compliant practices to sustain our industry and our world.


Today, Dye Systems Inc. enjoys a strong and loyal customer base to whom we deliver superior service and quality products primarily in North America and South America. Dye Systems Inc. continues to grow and remains committed to engineering the finest dyes and chemicals in the industry.