Company Overview


dye systems building2If you require dyes or chemicals in your business, you have found the leading supplier in the textile industry.  As a global provider of dyestuffs and custom chemicals, Dye Systems, Inc. is dedicated to offering exceptional service and quality products at a competitive price.

At Dye Systems, Inc. we recognize the need within the industry for prompt customer service without sacrificing product quality.  Flexibility is a key component of our business model.  Our size and expertise allows us to provide tailor-made dye and chemical products efficiently for customers seeking special colors or blends quickly.

Let us inventory the type and volume of dyes and chemicals you require,  allowing you to focus on managing your business.  While keeping a limited inventory on-hand our customers can be confident that Dye Systems, Inc. will provide the dyes and chemicals they need—when they need them.  Let us be your partner in business.

We are connected world-wide.  No matter where your business is located, we can service and supply your requirements for dyes and chemicals.  We also, provide custom packaging for private label product lines.  Our customers can be confident they are receiving the best possible price for the highest quality dye and chemical products.